Sunday, 1 December 2013

Motivations and Rewards

What companies do to motivate and reward employees?


Such a great combination! Learn from the history and take as a role model or guide in our life.I like to give an example of the Prophet Muhammad because he was a great leader for the whole era.
'Abdullah Ibn 'Abbas said that the Prophet Muhammad said:

"Whoever sticks to my Sunnah(my way,my path,my practice,my teachings)when my Ummah becomes corrupt,will receive the reward of 100 martyrs."

There are many ways of organizations and companies motivate and reward their employees.From small to the giant companies.All of them state how they act.But I like to share my own experience.Doing part time job as the seller assistant at the mini market.So many types of people I have met.It's full of fun actually!! =)

Sometimes I feel like's normal when we communicate with all types of customers.But,my employer always motivate me to be as patient as I can.The bombastic words I like.."It's just simple problem.You are still young.Your journey still long.Just grab the experience and keep calm."Woww!!Full of motivation!!

And of course the reward is when I get the wages~~Money~~Money~~ $$$$

Yes.Money is important.But the more valuable is EXPERIENCE.

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