Friday, 29 November 2013

Corporate Culture

How a corporate culture can assist in executing strategies in an organization?

I just read about 6 ways to create a corporate culture of innovation.

  • Creating the right corporate culture
  • Hierarchy is horizontal
  • Leadership serves
  • Time is powerless
  • Orientation is organizational
  • Results are king(No one is entitled)

If you are one of the top managers,what kind of values that you would like to inculcate in your organization?Why does it so?

"Just heard about the organization,automatically imagine their top managers".Wow!! Really gives big impact!
While reading books,journal or news especially in area of business and organization,we found the term of SUCCESS.Every success comes from amazing experiences.A lot of experiences that need to face before gain the SUCCESS.

Simple view but Amazing example: PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH):
"Prophet Muhammad communicative values of liberty,justice,modesty,and politeness were matched with practical deeds.Prophet Muhammad' skills as manifested in his speeches demonstrated to the eyes of all humankind that he was indeed a great leader worthy of note".

Another example: "I am a simple trader from Alor Star who did not complete his Form Five education.However,I draw confidence from my faith in ALLAH". {Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary}

As the one of the top managers,I would like to inculcate the values of corporate governance in our organization.Accountability,Transparency,Responsibility,Fairness,Integrity,Honesty,Independence and Judgement.All of these are relates with Islamic Values.

Besides,our staff also can express their bombastic ideas especially for successful of the organization.Bombastic ideas not just only come from the top organization,but also from staff level.Meaning that,we appreciate their ideas. =)

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